Well, Hello There!

I am Febryandana. Born in one of the smallest city in Indonesia: Kota Mojokerto. I love learning computer stuff but I’m such a generalist that didn’t master only one thing. I like to learning anything that pick my interest; cloud, network, DevOps, IoT, etc.

In this digital era I realize that everything would need computerization and internet and I want to be a part of it, to be someone useful. Hence why I trying to learn computer stuff, network infrastructure, devops, system administration, etc.

Apart from those, I also like to juggling with IoT, microcontroller, and stuff. I love to create something, even if it’s useless. Because that way I can try to make something new. Something that may or not be useful.

So, there you have it… enjoy!

My Resume

Personal Description

My name is Moch. Febryandana Nurfahri.

I am a modest person who always focus on getting maximum results in any activities. I like to learn new things about computer and cloud technology. مَنْ جَدَّ وَجَدَ (Man Jadda wa Jada) is my motto, it mean that whoever does something persistently will succeed.


  • Team Leader / Senior Cloud Engineer - PT Boer Technology (April 2024 - Present)
    As a Team Leader, I am responsible for managing day to day operations of my team such as but not limited to tasks briefing, sharing knowledge, become Person in Charge of our clients, bridging connection between teams, and helping my team to develop their hard and soft skills. As a L2/Senior Cloud Engineer, I also responsible to became their second layer of issue escalation if needed.

  • Junior Cloud Engineer - PT Boer Technology (May 2022 - March 2024)
    As an L1 cloud engineer, I am responsible for answering and providing all request from users about cloud services, sysadmin, devops, and others. Technology stack that I use are (but not limited to): Gitlab, OpenStack, Ceph, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Grafana, Loki, AWS, GCP, Alibaba Cloud, and many more.

  • Capture the Flag - House of Technology 4.0 (October 2021 - November 2021)
    As a lead cloud engineer, I supervised my team to manage cloud infrastructures to host CTF platform and challenges for national-scale event with more than 80 participants.

  • Software Freedom Day 2020 (November 2020 - November 2020)
    As a staff of event division, we succeed to organize a national-scale online workshop about Golang dan Kubernetes for 2 days to celebrate Software Freedom Day 2020 event.

  • Capture the Flag - House of Technology 3.0 (August 2020 - November 2020)
    As a system administrator, we managed cloud infrastructures to host CTF platform and challenges for national-scale event with more than 60 participants.

  • Robotic and IoT Nation 2020 (September 2020 - September 2020)
    As a staff of teaching division, we created teaching materials for national-scale online workshop about robotics dan Internet of Things that lasts for a week.

  • Computer Engineering Regeneration 2019 (August 2019 - November 2019)
    As a staff of companion division, we accompanied our freshmen for their 1st semester and help them adapt to college life.


  • POROS Organization of Open Source (January 2021 - December 2021)

    Head of Operation Division.

    • Led a small team of 5 that shares the same passion for learning and developing skills in Cloud Infrastructure, System Administration, and DevOps Engineering.
    • Administer study groups that discuss about cloud-native technologies and how to implement them.


  • Universitas Brawijaya (August 2018 - July 2022)
    Bachelor (S1) of Engineering in Computer Engineering Major, Faculty of Computer Science.


  • Implementation of Openstack Cluster with NFS as Backend Storage for Universitas Pakuan (Work Project)
    • Helping Service Delivery team to deliver Openstack cluster implementation for PUSTADIK Universitas Pakuan in Bogor, Indonesia
    • Consist of 1 infrastucture (deployer) node, 1 monitoring node, 3 controller nodes, 4 compute nodes, and 3 storage (NFS) nodes
    • All nodes using Ubuntu 22.04 LTS as server Operating System with 2x10 GBps LACP network and using Kolla-Ansible to deploy Openstack Yoga
  • Design Of a Microcontroller-based Wireless Nurse Call System as a Tool For Elderly People to Call For Assistance (Bachelor Thesis)
    • Journal page (Indonesian)
    • A final year thesis for bachelor degree about device to helping elder people call for assistance using microcontroller, wireless connectivity, and deep sleep function to preserve battery life.
  • Dekatanah (Soil Fertility Detection System) (Internship Final Project)
  • Jitsi Online Video Conference for POROS FILKOM UB (Organization Needs)


  • Cloud Engineering
  • DevOps Engineering
  • IoT Engineering
  • IT Support
  • Linux System Administration
  • Network Administration

Courses and Certifications